VPN4ALL Review – How Does VPN4ALL Rate On Privacy And Security Parameters?

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VPN4ALL is an established security provider that launched its VPN service in the year 2009. The VPN solution was brought into the market by a Seychelles based company, Web Broadcasting Ltd., which had years of experience in delivering security solutions to small and big companies. In this article, we will review VPN4ALL service and rate its features on a scale of 5.

Server Locations & Accessibility Options
(Rating – 5 out of 5)

VPN4ALL boasts of extensive network of VPN servers that are located in many parts of the world. The company has deployed its servers in 39 different countries through which it offers more than 10,000 IP addresses to its customers. Here are more details regarding VPN4ALL’s server network and the accessibility options offered by the service:

1) Server Locations – VPN4ALL’s VPN servers are located in the following countries:

United States, Sweden, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Switzerland, Finland, Australia, Hungary, Belgium, Russia, Spain, Latvia, Norway, Romania, Czech Republic, Denmark, Singapore, Poland, Moldova, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Chile, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Slovakia, Ireland, Turkey, Egypt, Japan, Iceland, Brazil, Luxembourg, Estonia, Lithuania, Italy, Panama and Malaysia.

2) The company allows unlimited server switching within its network so you can connect to server from any country and switch servers as many times as you want.

3) The VPN4ALL services allows you to unblock GEO-IP restricted services such as Netflix, ABC Player, CBS, Pandora, NBC, USA Network, Amazon Prime, MLB, Hulu, CWTV, NHL, HBO Go, TNT, MTV, FOX, Sky Go, iTV Player, BBC iPlayer, Lovefilm, Eurosport, STV, UK TV, Demand 5, TSN, Much Music, Global TV, CBC, 4OD, CTV, City TV, Pluzz, D8, Zattoo, Spotify, Wilmaa, Spacecast, Bravo, RTL, DMAX, D17, Canal+, 3SAT, RTVNH, TVE, Deezer, Sport1, TV Asahi, Sat.1, TV Lab, ORF 1, AT5, RTE Player, ABC iView, TV Tokyo, Vox, WimpMusic, ProSieben, Das Erste, MyTV, TMC, Viasat, W9, Arte, Film1, SVT, MioTV, TV Japan, Voddler, ZDF, WDR, Rara, TVB and CMore from any place in the world.

Speed and Bandwidth Options
(Rating – 4.5 out of 5)

VPN4ALL offers both limited and unlimited bandwidth plans to its customers. Regardless of the plan that you subscribe to, you can stream and download content faster thanks to the company’s Tier 1 server network which is connected to 1 GBPS ports. The company even uses an advanced data compression algorithm that allows you to browse faster and save money on data usage charges. The company permits P2P activities through its servers located in Estonia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Russia, Romania, Latvia and Germany (1 server).

Privacy And Security Features
(Rating – 5 out of 5)

VPN4ALL offers a very high level of security and privacy to its customers. Here are the security features available with the service:

1) Protocols & Encryption – The service is delivered via PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2 and OpenVPN protocols. The company uses 256 bit AES encryption (with 2096 bit RSA keys) which is one of the most secure VPN encryptions currently available.

2) Security at Wi-Fi hotspots – Due to the proliferation of public wireless networks, it has become easier for hackers and snoopers to steal data, money and identity from people who are connected to an unsecured wireless network. VPN4ALL secures you Wi-Fi sessions with a tunneling mechanism and even encrypts your data which means you can use Wi-Fi hotspots at airports, coffee shops, malls and hotels with total peace of mind.

3) Get Rid Of Censorship – VPN4ALL also excels as far as bypassing firewalls and censorship is concerned. The service can help you to unblock blocked websites from your office, school, university and foreign countries without revealing your IP address. Once you are connected to VPN4ALL’s network, you would be able to access Facebook, YouTube and Twitter from China (and your office/ school) as well as use VOIP services like Skype from Brazil and Dubai.

4) Logging Policy – Since the company has its headquarters at an offshore location, it has no obligation to log personal details or browsing activities of its customers. The company logs bandwidth consumption per VPN license to calculate the bandwidth usage but other than that, no personal or browsing details are logged.

5) Data and Application Security – VPN4ALL is an ideal solution for protecting financial transactions and social accounts from theft and misuse. The company provides a fixed IP address to every customer so you can log into your bank and PayPal accounts with the same IP every time and protect your accounts from getting limited or blocked. In addition, the service provides DNS protection and Deep Packet Inspection cover to protect you from advanced security threats and surveillance methods deployed by ISPs and corporations. Moreover, there is an option to subscribe to server level firewall feature that protects you from malicious websites, viruses, spywares and malwares.

Unlike proxies, VPNs allow you to secure multiple applications without having to configure individual applications separately so you can secure your browsing, messaging, emailing, VOIP and torrenting sessions with just one click.

Setup & Ease Of Use
(Rating – 4.5 out of 5)

VPN4ALL’s provides a custom VPN software for Windows (XP and later), Mac (OS X 10.5 onwards), Android (2.2, 2.3, 4.x) and iOS (4.2 onwards). The service can also be manually configured on devices running on Linux, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.

VPN4ALL’s VPN client is among the most advanced VPN softwares currently available for personal use. The tool makes it easy to connect with one click, get a new IP from same location, force IP change, change IP address after a set time, switch servers, auto-connect to the fastest server, auto-launch and auto-connect during system startup and even contact the support staff from within the interface. The client also displays server load and the list of P2P servers plus it makes it really simple to identify the fastest server and the server that provides your fixed IP address. And in case your VPN connection gets dropped for some reason, the software will keep the tunnel alive for 2 minutes offering you the opportunity to protect your real IP address.

(Rating – 4 out of 5)

VPN4ALL’s plans are somewhat expensive when compared with the VPN offerings from other companies. The unmetered plan for Windows and Mac is available from $16.95 a month ($43 for 3 months, $81 for 6 months and $142 for a year) while the 50 GB monthly bandwidth plan for desktops starts from $9.95 a month ($25 for 3 months, $48 for 6 months and $84 for a year). For mobile devices, there is a 5 GB monthly bandwidth plan available from $5.95 a month ($15 for 3 months, $28 for 6 months and $49 for a year). The company even offers a dedicated P2P plan for torrent lovers which costs the same as the unmetered bandwidth plan. And for those who are constantly worried about their security, the company offers a server level firewall protection for an additional $2.49 per month.

As far as free trials and refund guarantee is concerned, the company offers a 100 MB trial account and a 30 day refund guarantee to those consumers who use less than 100 MB of bandwidth. One important thing to note here is that the company’s VPN plans are not interchangeable; the desktop plans cannot be used on mobile devices and the mobile plans won’t work on computers. However, you are free to install the service on multiple devices of the same type but only one connection is allowed at a time.

Customer Support
(Rating – 4.5 out of 5)

The company offers round the clock support through email, support tickets, live chat and remote assistance (via Teamviewer). In addition, you can also refer to the Knowledge section available on the company’s site to troubleshoot common VPN problems.

Overall Rating and Final Verdict
(Final Rating – 4.5 Out of 5)

It is clear that VPN4ALL provides an exceptional VPN service. While the company’s VPN plans are somewhat expensive and it does not provide unlimited bandwidth to all customers, it takes the privacy of its customers very seriously. So if privacy and security on the web are of paramount importance to you, don’t forget to check the VPN plans from VPN4ALL.

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