proXPN Review – How Does proXPN VPN Rate On Privacy And Security Parameters?

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proXPN B.V. is a Netherlands based company having expertise in web hosting, internet solutions and security services. The company launched its VPN service, proXPN VPN, in the year 2009 which offers free and paid privacy solutions to its customers. In this informative article, we are going to rate the most important features of proXPN VPN service and help you to decide if it is suitable for your privacy needs.

Server Locations & Accessibility Options
(Rating – 4 out of 5)

When compared to other Tier 1 VPN providers, proXPN offers a rather limited choice of server locations. The company has VPN servers in 4 countries through which it offers privacy services to its free and paid customers. Here are some more details regarding proXPN’s server locations and accessibility options:

1) Server Locations – proXPN has VPN servers in the following countries:

United States of America, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Singapore.

The company has deployed a majority of its servers in United States (New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Dallas and Atlanta) whereas other countries have servers at just one location.

2) As far as server switching is concerned, proXPN allows unlimited server switching only to paid (Premium plan) subscribers. The free (basic plan) subscribers can connect only to a single US server that is earmarked for them plus they do not have the freedom to switch servers.

3) The proXPN VPN service allows you to unleash the full power of streaming services like ABC, MTV, Eurosport, Vudu, CBS, Deezer, 4OD, Spotify, CWTV, BBC iPlayer, Lovefilm, Film1, Xfinity, NHL, Rara, Netflix, HBO Go, RTL, NBC, Mio TV, MLB, Hulu, USA Network, TV Lab, Pandora, Amazon Prime, Sport1, Fox, iTV and Demand 5 from any location in the world.

Speed and Bandwidth Options
(Rating – 4 out of 5)

proXPN delivers unrestricted speed and bandwidth to its Premium customers. The free subscribers get a maximum speed of 300 KBPS but they are free to download/upload unlimited amount of content. The Premium subscribers get access to fast and exclusive servers that are connected to 1000 MBPS nodes plus they are allowed to use the service for P2P activities. So, the basic plan of proXPN is ideal for light browsing sessions whereas the Premium plan is meant for demanding activities like VOIP, streaming, torrenting and downloading of huge files.

Privacy And Security Features
(Rating – 4 out of 5)

The usefulness of a VPN service is often judged by the privacy and security features that come with it. Here is what you must know about the security features that are available with proXPN VPN:

1) Protocols & Encryption – The proXPN VPN service supports both PPTP and OpenVPN protocols. The lack of support for L2TP protocol means that mobile users have to be content with the PPTP protocol which is not considered very secure. However, the company offers 512 bit encryption (with 2048-bit encryption key) to OpenVPN customers which is significantly higher than the encryption available from rival VPN providers. However, the access to PPTP protocol as well as support for mobile devices is restricted just to Premium subscribers.

2) Security at Wi-Fi hotspots – The proXPN service includes a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot protection feature that is meant for protecting unsecure wireless connections at public places (airports, malls, parks, libraries and coffee shops). As you might be aware, the wireless internet facilities available at public places are not really secure so your private data can easily be stolen by criminals and snoopers who are connected to the network. But once you connect to proXPN servers, your online presence is shielded by a secure tunnel and your data gets encrypted which means you can carry out day-to-day activities without losing your data.

3) Get Rid Of Censorship – proXPN can also help you to evade the censorship and monitoring measures deployed by governments, ISPs and network administrators. This feature is really useful as it allows you to access Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Skype and YouTube from your office and even from countries like Saudi Arabia, China, Brazil, UAE and Thailand without revealing your personal details or facing stiff penalties.

4) Logging Policy – proXPN keeps a record of the IP addresses assigned to the customers for a period of 2 weeks. Even though the company does not monitor the online activities of its customers, it has explicitly stated on its website that it will not tolerate any unlawful activity happening within the network.

5) Data and Application Security – proXPN gives you the freedom to use banking facilities, log into social networks and shop from your favorite shopping portals without worrying about losing your passwords, credit card numbers and social account details to hackers or cyber criminals. Additionally, the service can secure multiple applications with one click which means you don’t have to bother about securing VOIP applications, FTP clients, browsers, Messengers and Email clients separately. However, it is worth noting that the application protection feature is available only to Premium subscribers since basic subscribers can just protect their browsing sessions.

Setup & Ease Of Use
(Rating – 4 out of 5)

proXPN provides an intuitive VPN client for Mac and Windows operating systems. The company also provides apps for iOS (iPads, iPhones) and Android that can be downloaded and installed from respective app stores.

proXPN VPN software is really simple to use and it allows customers to login with one click. The premium subscribers can also change protocols, switch servers and bind applications with the software for added protection. The binding feature shuts down specific applications in case the VPN connection goes down for any reason.

(Rating – 5 out of 5)

As mentioned earlier, proXPN offers a totally free, limited functionality basic account to everyone. If you need better speed and functionality, you have the option of upgrading to a Premium account for $9.95 per month ($29.95 for 3 months, $49.95 for 6 months and $74.95 for one year). The Premium subscribers get a 7 day money back guarantee so you can get a full refund if you are not satisfied with the service.

Customer Support
(Rating – 4 out of 5)

proXPN is one of the very few VPN providers that provides a telephone number on its website. Apart from telephonic support, the support team offers customer support through the company’s Twitter channel, email and a ticketing system.

Overall Rating and Final Verdict
(Final Rating – 4 Out of 5)

Overall, we are satisfied with what proXPN has to offer. The service is fast and dependable and the company even offers a never ending free plan to just about everyone. The company can definitely add servers at more locations but for those who are looking for cutting edge security, you cannot go wrong with proXPN.

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