GoTrusted VPN Review – How Does GoTrusted Rate On Privacy And Security Parameters?

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GoTrusted is a leading service provider that offers privacy solutions to general public as well as small and medium sized businesses. The mission of the Florida, Untied States based company is to provide an accessible and easy to use VPN technology to everyone. In this exhaustive review, we will rate the features of GoTrusted VPN and show how it offers privacy on the web.

Server Locations & Accessibility Options
(Rating – 4 out of 5)

In the first section, let’s learn about GoTrusted’s VPN gateways as well as the accessibility options that become available through the service:

1) Server Locations – GoTrusted offers relatively fewer number of VPN gateways when compared with other Tier-1 VPN companies. The company has a presence in 7 countries including United States, Ireland, Singapore, United Kingdom, Japan, Hong Kong and France through which it offers American, European and Asian IP addresses to customers.

2) GoTrusted permits unlimited server switching within its network so customers are free to connect to any server and switch servers any number of times.

3) The service makes it really easy to bypass location blocks and unblock IP restricted premium sites such as BBC iPlayer, Pandora, ABC Player, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, RTE Player, Xfinity, Canal+, Vudu, Mio TV, CWTV, iTV Player, TNT, TVB, TV Japan, Lovefilm, Direct 8, USA Network, Pluzz, UK TV, MyTV, STV, TV Asahi, TV Tokyo, W9, Sky Go, TMC, D17, MLB, Demand 5, HBO Go, NBC, FOX, MTV, 4OD, CBS and NHL from any country in the world.

Speed and Bandwidth Options
(Rating – 5 out of 5)

GoTrusted has developed a totally new technology (for which the company has been awarded a patent) to deliver best performance along with high level of privacy. The company does not restrict speed or bandwidth so the solution is perfectly suited for resource consuming activities such as streaming of HD videos, downloading, VOIP and multiplayer gaming.

Privacy And Security Features
(Rating – 4.5 out of 5)

GoTrusted was developed with customer security and privacy in mind. Here are the most important security features available with the service:

1) Protocols & Encryption – The company offers its service via PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN protocols. The service encrypts data with 128-256 bit of encryption which ensures that your private data can never be deciphered by ISPs or cyber criminals.

2) Security at Wi-Fi hotspots – While a lot of people like the convenience offered by the public Wi-Fi networks, they are not aware of the security challenges posed by open and unsecured wireless networks. The free-to-use Wi-Fi hotspots deployed by commercial establishments (malls, hotels, coffee shops, airports and book shops) often use next to negligible level of security thus allowing hackers and sniffing programs to steal data, money and identity from netizens who connect to the network. GoTrusted changes your IP address, encrypts your data and creates a shield of security around your web sessions to ensure 100% privacy even on totally unsecured wireless networks.

3) Get Rid Of Censorship – The service gives you the power to access websites that have been blocked by your ISP or network administrator. Once you have an IP address from GoTrusted network, you would be able to unlock popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, YouTube and Skype even from restricted locations like schools, workplaces and countries like China, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Brazil and Thailand.

4) Logging Policy – GoTrusted logs minimum connection details (timestamp and bandwidth consumption) that are required to run the service. The company does not record personally identifiable information or browsing activities of consumers under any circumstances plus it doesn’t hand over customer data to third parties unless directed to do so by a judicial order.

5) Data and Application Security – The service is ideal for securing multiple types of online activities including browsing, emailing, FTP, VOIP and IRC with just one click. In addition, the high level of encryption used by the service ensures that your sensitive data such as passwords, social accounts, and bank login information as well as activities like online shopping and financial transactions always remains protected.

Setup & Ease Of Use
(Rating – 3.5 out of 5)

GoTrusted provides its own VPN client (known as Secure Tunnel) for Windows and Mac. The client offers basic features like the ability to connect with one click and switch servers but it does not have the power to shut down applications or internet traffic when the service goes down. While the application supports all protocols, it doesn’t allow you to choose a protocol as per your needs; the service will automatically pick a protocol depending on your location and network. Another drawback of the service is that it doesn’t allow you to connect to a server from specific country (except for US and UK); you get to choose a geographical area (US, UK, EU and Asia) and the service will automatically connect to a random server from that geographical location.

Apart from Windows and Mac, the service can also be manually configured on Android and iOS based devices (iPads and iPhones). However, the service is not yet available for Linux and routers so it cannot be used on devices such as Apple TV, XBOX, PS3 etc. On the positive side, OpenVPN is available for Android devices via the “OpenVPN for Android” app.

(Rating – 4.5 out of 5)

GoTrusted’s VPN plans are available at a flat rate of $5.99 per month. The company does not offer term discounts but it does allow new customers to test the service for free for a period of 7 days. However, new accounts can be created only by providing billing details upfront.

Customer Support
(Rating – 4.5 out of 5)

The company offers excellent support through email, tickets and live chat. Since the live chat is available only during business hours, it is advisable to contact the support staff through email during off hours. In addition, you can also refer to the troubleshooting instructions available on the company’s website to resolve minor connection issues on your own.

Overall Rating and Final Verdict
(Final Rating – 4 Out of 5)

GoTrusted is a serious player in the VPN industry that has been around for almost a decade. While there are some functional issues associated with the VPN client provided by the company, the service itself deserves praise for its performance. So if you are looking for a fast, affordable and trustworthy VPN solution, you cannot go wrong with GoTrusted VPN.

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